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Hi!  My name is Janet and I have been sewing since I was seven years old (some time ago!).  I took needlework classes at high school and continued sewing for many years until (like many of you) my career took over and there was no time left for sewing.  Fortunately for me, my dear Mum picked up the ball for me and I was still able to wear unique, well fitted clothes during those years.  Eventually life slowed down enough that I was able to sew again and Iíve been enjoying my craft immensely since then.  Over the years I have learnt many techniques both old and new that have made my sewing experience more enjoyable and productive.  Late in 2010 I had my Eureka! moment and discovered what I REALLY wanted to do with my life.  Teach people to sew!

So, I started the Janet Likes To Sew sewing school.  

Please accept my invitation to join me and learn a wonderful creative skill that will give you great joy and a wardrobe full of unique, beautiful and well fitting clothes.